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Rules & Regulations
Like every responsible accountable body that has to adhere to rules, we are no different. We believe without rules anarchy sets root in our society and progress is hindered. Kindly adhere to the rules set out so as to not get disqualified.

• Entrants must be a South African citizen, in possession of a valid SA ID document.

• Entrants must be 16 to 25 at the time of entry.

• Not be married or engaged.

• Not have any visible tattoos, body piercings or gold teeth.

• Have no criminal record.

• The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

• All finalists will be required to perform a limited number of engagements.

• Finalists will not be allowed to enter any competition during the journey of Face of Mzansi.

• New winners will remain contracted to Face of Mzansi to perform community related projects for a year after winning the competition.

• The new winners will not be allowed to enter any pageant during their reign, unless a written consent from the organizers has been issued.

• Non adherence to the rules of the competition will lead to disqualification.

• Dishonest information will lead to disqualification.