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Face of Mzansi

Face of Mzansi is a concept which has turned into a life changing and famous brand, as a result of young people needing to promote positive role modelling, education and to seek national and global advancement for the youth in South Africa.

Face of Mzansi is the first pageant which focuses on entrepreneurship and professional career development for young women. We encourage entrepreneurship in women and support them to identify and achieve their career goals. Hence our slogan “I’m in charge of my tomorrow”.

We firmly believe in the notion that if you empower a woman, you empower a nation.

In 2005, maiden edition of the Face of Mzansi was launched and 25 girls competed for the title of Face of Mzansi. Over the years, more than 10 000 participants and spectators were in attendance and the event was covered by local and national magazines.

As the project evolved and our belief in the idiom that “thupa e kojwa e sale metsi”, loosely translated this means that “a person is nurtured from an early age”, we included youth of the ages 7-15 to participate in our development programmes such as colloquiums and golf clinics.

Our experience is encouraging and the project is attracting more youth, thus its popularity has increased enormously.

Face of Mzansi was founded by Social Cohesion Advocate Ms Vinolia Mabele who has a string of many beauty pageant titles behind her including Ms Africa UN and Ms United Nation International. She represented Africa at the international competition in Toronto, Canada on August 25, 2018 where she was crowned the overall winner as Ms United Nation International 2019. She is supported by a very strong and dedicated team that ensures the success of the project each year.

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